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Success Case Study:

Today I want to share a spectacular success story, which really shows how to achieve success from a very different angle. Some agencies focus on huge clients such as the automotive, food, or technology industries.

At IGNITE Global Marketing we work for Fortune 500 companies as well as for small and medium-sized companies, because our vocation is to help our clients, no matter how big or small they are, regardless of their size, we like to pamper them all and help them generate an ecosystem of products and services in line with the needs of the end consumer.

A bit less than a year ago we were commissioned to design the branding, the logo, corporate identity, interior and exterior decoration of a new business, a small business but with great potential for expansion.


Despite being a small company, composed of a team of three people, the Spanish chef and two Taiwanese women who take care of every detail, they are a clear example of how to use the wonderful tool called "Marketing Mix" because even if it is on a small scale, making good use of it can bring great benefits to the brand. Unlike what many companies believe, marketing is not an expense, it is an investment, which when done correctly can have a return on investment far beyond initial expectations.

Why Not? is an example of the perfect use of a corporate brand strategy
based on the Marketing Mix.

Since the conception of the business where they decided to dedicate themselves to a niche in the exotic food sector encouraged by their great friend and also Spanish, the Galician Uxio, bringing Spanish cuisine to Taiwan but staying focused on a specialty has proved to be a success, since dedicating themselves to something, in particular, makes the difference.



The chef was very clear about the identity he wanted for his company, and from the beginning he gave us permission to work and decide what was best for them, just always using pink.

First, we designed the branding, starting from a logo that represented the spirit of Why Not? based on the Aliens35 that I designed as part of my personal brand that was born with a completely different purpose and has ended up giving life to this special coffee shop.


We add the text in the same style as the iconic Aliens35 to complete the brand logo. Based on the logo, we design several proposals for the interior of the premises in 3D views to see the different alternatives for decoration and to recreate the best and most pleasant environment within the coffee shop.

In the same way, we adapt the logo to the exterior design, creating the labels in such a way that the identity of Why Not? be homogeneous in each and every one of its elements.

Once the interior and exterior identity parts are finished, we continue with the design of the corporate identity manual and all the assets that will be used, including merchandising, templates for social media, etc...




But the Marketing Mix is ​​not limited to branding, the logo, or advertising on social media as some people believe. if you have tried the Why Not? Omelette. you know what I'm talking about, the flavor, the texture, the color, the quality of the ingredients, and the love with which "Mr. Spain" cooks each of his tortillas, make them the queen of Spanish tortillas in Taiwan.


In Why Not? they take care of their product with special affection because even being a small company they are clear that every detail counts and they do not want to sell a mediocre product, they are really focused on a product of the highest quality, using the best ingredients, such as olive oil extra virgin Olizumo, from Jaen, Spain.

For those who do not know, Olizumo is a very special olive oil with high-quality awards in Spain, the USA (New York and Los Angeles), China, Israel, and Japan. This extra virgin olive oil is a key to health, due to its purity and high quality. In one of my previous articles entitled "Fantastic 7P" I talked about the magic of Marketing Mix and how to develop a strategy for our company using the following tools:

Physical evidence.
Productivity and quality.

You can access the previous link and discover a bit more about the Fantastic 7 (which are actually 8) and find out a little more about these tools. So, analyzing each of the 8P's we discover how, in an almost perfect way, Why Not? they are making use of this tool in an exemplary way, even for industry experts.


1 Their product is extremely well cared for in every way, their tortillas, apart from being beautiful, have an exquisite flavor thanks to the detail in their elaboration and in each ingredient.

2 Their price is much more than competitive, taking into account the quality of the products with which they are made and the quantity we receive.

3 Although they are located in Tienmu, they have delivery companies that bring it to almost every corner of Taipei, making it very accessible.

4 Their promotion strategy is very close and has several key aspects, including some that we cannot reveal, but basically, they take care of every detail in their presentation and follow the corporate templates designed for their social media communication. Another very important factor is that these three young people are very creative and really love what they do, something that we at IGNITE Global Marketing value, because we know that to be creative you have to love and feel comfortable with what you do and be able to express it to your clients.

5 Why Not? is a team that complements each other perfectly, Alberto, Saorí, and Xuan bring just the right amount to the mix to achieve this impressive success.

6 Each process is studied to the millimeter, so this part of the Marketing Mix is one of the keys to getting the exact product on the plate of each client.

7 I don't want to reveal too much about the surprise of how the Why Not? tortilla is perceived because I believe that everyone should live their own experiences and draw their own conclusions, but yes, they know how to do it so that we can perceive everything that is behind this business idea and how much love is behind it.

8 Arriving at the last "P" of the list, this is the point of "Mr. Spain" (as he calls himself in social networks) and his team works very hard. Productivity is the result of many years of experience and quality is the result of their passion.



Continuing with the brand strategy, a photo session was held with their products, because although it is a coffee shop that sells tortillas, in its menu (English, Chinese and Japanese) you can find a wide variety of foods (such as its Spanish paella) that they will pleasantly surprise you.

I have to confess that during the photo session I was able to taste each of the dishes that Alberto made to take the photographs and I fell in love with each and every one of the menu items, both food, and drinks, everything has a special and unique touch, extremely careful presentation in every detail.

To finish off the decoration, we recreated three of the Aliens35 in a 3D figure that illuminates the shop with colored lights as if the Aliens were being abducted.


To all this, we must add, that Why Not? It has been open for a few months and is already a benchmark for Spanish cuisine in Taiwan, despite the opening coinciding with the arrival of the pandemic on the island, which makes it even more exciting, and as marketers, it never ceases to amaze us. like this team, they are getting so successful that they run out of stock almost daily.

It is crazy, right?

In any case, we are very proud to have participated in a successful project and especially in one like Why Not? where the owners gave us complete freedom to work, trusted us, and are now reaping success after success. We are really grateful.

From IGNITE Global Marketing we want you to continue on that path and that it will not be a franchise for a long time and there may be many Why Not? all over the island and who knows if it was also from Taiwan.

Buen provecho amigos!!!


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