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5 Marketing tricks
no one has told you about

Many companies wanna know: What is marketing? How to find the best digital marketing services? or How to do marketing? Hoping to find the secret formula to improve sales, but marketing was invented several years ago, and digital marketing is just one more tool that is part of the gears of a good marketing plan. I will explain you.

In times of Omicron, we have to start allocating resources to digital marketing and the content we offer to our potential customers. Today I will tell you 5 deep marketing tricks that no one told you and I will explain some things that are essential if you want to achieve success and improve your sales.

digital marketing

1. Choose a marketing agency in Taiwan.

Today many marketing agencies have emerged that boast of giving you a cheap (or very expensive) service that in the long run will be useless, will not generate any return on your investment. The most important thing today is to choose well professionals with experience of more than 15 or 20 years, who know the global market well since when we do digital marketing anyone in any country will have access to our content.

It is important to make sure that our branding agency or marketing agency is not created by opportunists moved by companies that through training based on YouTube videos and no real knowledge and/or experience of the global market.

digital marketing

2. Trust your marketing content to professionals.

This is the magic phrase that perfectly defines this point:

"On the hook, you have to put what the fish likes,
not what the fisherman likes".

Last year working for a technology products company, the director of digital marketing complained about the design of a B2B digital brochure that was intended for the US market. She said that it did not fill her, that she was missing something, she was not very convinced, she even mentioned that she did not like the color blue in a photograph. The design of the brochure does not have to match the curtains of your living room, we are making a design to captivate the consumer of a market like the USA, you do not have to like it because you are obviously not from the USA and do not think like a mechanic from the United States of America.

Finally, the USA team congratulated us for our work, it was well done. The ego must be put aside in business, companies are created to generate products or services that satisfy the consumer but also to generate profits, not to give whims and make campaigns to match your curtains. Likewise, designers are not artists, they create to achieve goals, following a creative strategy within a plan, they do not design to win an art contest, although to design they do have to have and use their knowledge of art.

digital marketing

3. Understand that each country has a different mentality.

We cannot pretend that in the West they eat stinky tofu, that they eat beef in India, or that they eat serrano ham in Islamic countries. content marketing services That is why we must know well the culture of each country to which we are going. In Taiwan, we have a supermarket called Poya.

In Spanish the word Poya is used to refer to the virile member, it would be a big mistake to use that name in Spanish-speaking countries for a supermarket. Hence the importance of hiring professionals with real experience in the global market and knowledge of the culture outside of Taiwan. No one better than them will help us invest in marketing and have a return on investment.

digital marketing

4. Creativity, you have to be creative.

Finding a creative advertising or marketing agency in Taiwan can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Many Taiwanese friends told me that due to an educational system based on repetition, where breaking the rules is punishable, being creative is not something common.

However, it is common around the world to find projects carried out within the standards, copy and paste within the safe zone that does not expose them to risks and allows them to keep their position. But in a globalized market, especially after the pandemic, if you are not creative, you do not stand out, you go unnoticed, and those who risk doing new things win.


5. Branding, marketing, and advertising.

You have to be clear about the difference between these tools. in my previous article Do you really know the difference between Branding, Marketing, and Advertising? I already explained the difference, in case you want to read it and refresh your memory.

Once we are clear about the difference, we will be able to analyze the market, micro, and macro environment, we will be able to create a plan that allows us to achieve certain objectives, based on a creative strategy that allows us to optimize resources and allows us to scale it as needed, once we put it ongoing.

Then we will have to analyze again the situation and the results of the campaign, whether it is branding, marketing, or advertising campaign. But only once we are clear about the difference can we choose the tool that best helps us achieve our goals. At IGNITE Global Marketing we can help you with your marketing, which today, due to the special situation, is a more necessary investment every day.

We are so sure of what we do that we guarantee the return on your investment, our clients are satisfied with the results and the benefits obtained thanks to our contribution to the team. If you want to know more you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

You can listen to the full article on this Podcast.

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